Welcome to Bible Builds, where faith meets creativity and Bible stories meet Lego® bricks!

What is Bible Builds?

Bible Build is an interactive membership service that brings together Lego® bricks and Bible stories! Every two weeks, you receive a video retelling of a Bible story and a building challenge to go along with it! Once you watch the video, you can get out your bricks and build the story you just learned about! But wait, there’s even more! Once your Bible Build is complete, you can submit a picture of it to us. Members can then vote on whose build is their favorite, and the build with the most votes will receive a prize!

Receive high-quality semi-weekly videos that retell Bible stories in a fun and interactive way. We start a new series about every eight videos, so there is always a constant biblical theme throughout. Plus, you will have access to over 100 past archived videos!

  Put your building skills to the test with Bible Builds! How can you show the ten plagues, Jesus’s miracles, or even the whale that swallowed Jonah in Lego® bricks? An added bonus is getting those bricks that you always step on off of the floor and putting them to good use! Building the stories that they hear keeps the story fresh in children’s minds, and fun for the whole family.

After you finish your Bible Build, you then upload a photo of it on our website. You can view other members’ builds and vote on whose you like the most (but not your own! 🙂). Whichever Bible Builder gets the most votes wins and gets a Lego® gift card! This process makes Bible Builds great for competitive builders who want to win!

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to become a Bible Builder today!