Learn the Bible as a Family...

Then Build It!

We retell a Bible story every week, then as a family you BUILD it with Lego to win badges and prizes


... Or Check Out an Example HERE

Have you ever felt awkward or too forced when you try to teach your family the Bible?


We get it. We have felt that way too!

That's why we created Bible Builds. We  exist to make you (the parent) the hero of your home when it comes to the Bible! To make it EASY and make it FUN--at the same time.

So many us feel ill equipped or insecure talking about the Bible with our kids. Bible Builds exists to change that.

We provide you with the weekly curriculum you can 'plug and play' at any time, as well as questions and prompts to make it easy to talk about the Bible around dinner or in the car, as well as a weekly challenge where your family gets to build that week's story and win prizes and badges!


It's simple--we retell and reimagine a Bible story every week, then you build it with Lego (and send it in to us to win badges and prizes)!

Have you ever wondered what Jesus baptism would look like if it was built out of LEGO?

Us too, but thankfully Josiah (age 8 from Wisconsin) built it for us so we don't have to.

PS Josiah where did you get so many of those blue small pieces?! Well done!



And if you're asking, the answer is NO, you don't need to have a bunch of bricks or Lego or skill to participate in Bible Builds!

That's not the point! Some builds might look like Josiah's picture above, but if you're like most of us--you don't have 500 tiny blue pieces laying around to create the perfect river for Jesus' baptism (can we all applaud Josiah for this though!?). The key to Bible Builds is learning the scriptures, and then being CREATIVE with anything you have (and let's be honest, sometimes Barbies and GI Joes and calico critters show up in the build photos too ha!) as a way to engage with the story in a hands on way. And we can't wait to have you in and see what your mind comes up with!


Did you know most kids only remember 14% of what they hear, but usually remember 76% of what they hear and then put into practice?


And THAT is exactly why we started Bible Builds.

Here's How It Works

A weekly video curriculum and challenge

Each week we send you a high produced retelling and reimagining of that week's bible story (set in themes, like week 1 of a 5 week 'Book of Genesis' series!) straight to your email--alongside a few prompts to get you started on that week's build.

A 'Parent Primer' PDF

sent straight to your email, that coaches you and encourages you with a few ideas to bring that week's story into your home, table, and car rides. Our hope is to make YOU the hero as you bring Scriptures and fun right into your family!

A flexible learning schedule

As a community we start a new series or book every 2-3 months, BUT the Bible Builds program was designed for you to be able to jump in at ANY TIME. Sometimes we have families 'stay with us' week to week, and some go back and do the archived books. The goal is that your family would use our videos, PDF's, and resources to learn the Bible and have fun, and there's a few different ways to do that!

Badges, Leaderboard & Prizes

Your kids can earn badges for every completed theme or book (a badge when they complete the book of John, or 'The Gospels' series, etc). At the end of the year badges will have access to certain prizes and discounts, as well as one grand prize winner that will randomly be selected among badge members to win an all inclusive Legoland trip!

Collect completion certificates, gain badges, and more.

"This has taken all the complaining away! I feel like my kids are finally engaged when we read the bible together." 


Walt Clay - Dad of three (ages 5, 7 & 8)

We Open Enrollment Once A Quarter

Bible Builds Fall 2022 Waiting List

Sign up below and be notified right away when we open up enrollment again... It's almost time!

Bible Builder Member Plans!

To serve your family, we wanted to offer a few different membership options. With the yearly membership specifically we tried to make almost 50% off as a way to say thank you for being a long term Bible Builder with us!

Yearly Membership

$8 per month

Billed annually as $99. Almost 50% off your membership!

  • weekly video curriculum and challenge!
  • The 'Parent Primer' PDF with questions, excercises, and ways to integrate the story into your week!
  • Membership into the Bible Builds community and leaderboard!
  • Earn badges for completed books and themes!
  • Access to all the archives and previous curriculum, videos, and PDF.

Monthly Membership

$15 per month

billed monthly

  • weekly video curriculum
  • 'Parent Primer' PDF with questions, exercises, and ways to integrate the story into your week!
  • membership into the Bible Builds community and leaderboard
  • Earn Badges for completed books!

Want to peek behind the curtain at Bible Builds? Here's an example of our weekly video!

Just to give you an idea of how high quality and how serious we take the production at Bible Builds, we wanted to give you a look at an average week of content!

This video is from week 5 of our Torah series—Ryland sharing with us about the story of Joseph (spoiler alert: watch until the end, if you want a real gospel bomb!).

We also include our weekly Parent Primer. We keep it pretty simple, to not overwhelm you, but full of questions and activities for you to enjoy as a fam! 


Meet our CEO!

Ryland founded Bible Builds in the spring of 2020, while trying to think of an idea to combine two things he loves--the Bible and Lego! That's when the idea for Bible Builds came, and he's been trying to get other kids into the scriptures, and have fun while doing it ever since then!

A 10 Year Old Named Ryland Sells His Company For An Undisclosed Amount To a Family in Hawaii 

If the Bible Builds story was a Wall Street Journal Article, then that would be the headline! But let's tell you the whole thing--because we think it's quite a fun one.

Back when Covid-19 first hit, and schools were closed, Ryland had a business idea. He loved the Bible and He loved Lego. What if he combined them so he could do what he loved, invite his friends to it, and even make a few dollars along the way?

So that's what he did! He created a membership community that would focus on one story from the Bible every week, and then learn that story by building their own version of it! And then they'd submit their build to the community to vote and see each other's builds--and the best one would get a fun prize!

And guess what? Members started rolling in and people were LOVING it!

That's when Jeff (me, writing this!) came across it online. And I said, 'wait a minute! We love Lego, and we love the Bible too--and this Ryland kid is magic!'

And long story short, a cold call email to Ryland's dad and now we are all in partnership together taking Bible Builds to the next level. And we can't wait for YOU to join our community and build along with us.

See what other members are saying...

Sam, age 10

"I like Bible Builds because it is a fun way to play with bricks and Lego and also learn about the Bible."

The Pepito Family

"Bible Builds has been an awesome tool to bring our family together during the pandemic. In California many of our in person events and enrichment activities have been canceled and Bible Builds has given my son a fun challenge to look forward to each week. We love building our LEGO creations and seeing all of the winning projects each week.”

Michael, age 8

"We love learning about the Bible and then having the challenge of building something during the week!"

Checkout some of our current member's builds!

and see if you can guess which bible story they correlate to :)


Meet the Team!

Team Bethke

The Bethke family lives in Maui, HI with their three kids--Kinsley, Lucy, and Kannon. They are certified AFOL and KFOLS (and if you are on this page, you probably know what that means!).

Team Dixon

Team Dixon lives in Charlotte with their kids Ryland, Emmaline, and Hudson. They are passionate about Kingdom principles and encouraging families to live out their purpose in our culture.


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