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Week 1 June 16 - June 22 The Belt of Truth
Week 2 June 23 - June 29 The Breastplate of Righteousness
Week 3 June 30 - July 6 The Gospel of Peace (Shoes)
Week 4 July 7 - July 13 The Shield of Faith
Week 5 July 14 - July 20 The Helmet of Salvation
Week 6 July 21 - July 27 The Sword of the Spirit


How does Vacation Bible Builds work?

Each week, you will receive a high-quality video that retells a Bible story. You can watch it by yourself or with the whole family! Each video will be unpacking a different piece of the armor of God (six total). Along with the video, free printable lesson plans with worksheets and discussion questions for kids and parents are included.

Once you watch the video, children can get out their Lego® bricks and complete the building challenge! The building challenge is an excellent opportunity for children to reinforce memory of the story and what they learned, show off their building skills, and have fun! It doesn't matter how experienced builders are or how big your Lego® collection is; what's important is that kids are really interacting with the Bible and having fun. (An added bonus: less pieces on the floor that you have to watch out for!)

If you thought the fun ended with building, think again! Once your Bible Build has been completed, take a photo of it and upload it to the Bible Builds community. There, you can view other members' builds and vote on which one is your favorite. But it doesn't stop there! The builder that receives the most votes receives a prize! And bragging rights, of course!

Vacation Bible Builds BONUS

Yes, there's EVEN MORE! Once you sign up for VBB, regardless of if you win any building challenges, you will receive a FREE Christian Soldier minifigure, complete with the amor of God in Lego® form!