Connect families in your church through Bible Builds!


We are In!

What if there was a way to have an awesome Sunday School curriculum, get kids hands on with the scriptures, and setup the parents for at home discipleship?


Well, now there is and that's why we created Bible Builds!

To first create exceptionally high quality scriptural content and curriculum based videos, as it's a core conviction of Bible Builds that children can handle the deep things of God.

And two, to integrate the family and the church throughout the week with videos that can be shown and used on Sunday, and questions and PDF's and Lego building challenges that can be 'sent home' with the family during the week!

And how fun will it be to see hundreds of your church's families building biblical Lego creations together, gaining badges, completing books of the Bible and so on.

Here's How It Works: 

Choose a license package size

First, you as a church staff or children's pastor gets the appropriate license package for your church or children's ministry size.

Distribute licenses to your families

Second, give us about 48-72 hours to setup your account and then send you your custom unique license codes. You can distribute these however you see fit among your families (one license = one family's membership into Bible Builds).

Use Bible Builds in a way that best serves your families and church

Three, you are then free to use the Bible builds content as you see fit--for example such as using the videos in Sunday School class, or even doing mini challenges and builds during 'craft' time, or using the primer questions for group discussions among the kids.

Did you know most kids only remember 14% of what they hear, but usually remember 76% of what they hear and then put into practice?


And THAT is exactly why family discipleship has to be more than just Sunday morning.

Every family in your church will get: 

A weekly video curriculum and challenge

Each week we send you a high produced retelling and reimagining of that week's bible story (set in themes, like week 1 of a 5 week 'Book of Genesis' series!) straight to your email--alongside a few prompts to get you started on that week's build.

A 'Parent Primer' PDF

sent straight to your email, that coaches you and encourages you with a few ideas to bring that week's story into your home, table, and car rides. Our hope is to make YOU the hero as you bring Scriptures and fun right into your family!

Badges, Leaderboard & Prizes

Your kids can earn badges for every completed theme or book (a badge when they complete the book of John, or 'The Gospels' series, etc). At the end of the year badges will have access to certain prizes and discounts, as well as one grand prize winner that will randomly be selected among badge members to win an all inclusive Legoland trip!

Meet our CEO!

Ryland founded Bible Builds in the spring of 2020, while trying to think of an idea to combine two things he loves--the Bible and Lego! That's when the idea for Bible Builds came, and he's been trying to get other kids into the scriptures, and have fun while doing it ever since then!

See what other members are saying...

Sam, age 10

"I like Bible Builds because it is a fun way to play with bricks and Lego and also learn about the Bible."

The Pepito Family

"Bible Builds has been an awesome tool to bring our family together during the pandemic. In California many of our in person events and enrichment activities have been canceled and Bible Builds has given my son a fun challenge to look forward to each week. We love building our LEGO creations and seeing all of the winning projects each week.”

Michael, age 8

"We love learning about the Bible and then having the challenge of building something during the week!"

Wholesale Church Membership Pricing!

Please note: we only offer these two license packages at this time. If your children's ministry is larger than 250 families please email [email protected] to explore custom options.

100 family licenses

$250 per month

only $2.50 per family (normally $15)

  • Each kid and family gets their own login and own account in the Bible Builds community to track their progress, share photos, and gain badges and certificates!
  • weekly video curriculum and challenge!
  • The 'Parent Primer' PDF with questions, excercises, and ways to integrate the story into your week!
  • Membership into the Bible Builds community and leaderboard!
  • Earn badges for completed books and themes!
  • Access to all the archives and previous curriculum, videos, and PDF.

250 family licenses

$600 per month

only $2.50 per family (normally $15)

  • Each kid and family gets their own login and account in the Bible Builds community to track their progress, share build photos, and gain badges and certificates!
  • 'Parent Primer' PDF with questions, exercises, and ways to integrate the story into your week!
  • membership into the Bible Builds community and leaderboard
  • Earn Badges for completed books!
  • Access to all the archives and previous curriculum, videos, and PDF

We see churches using Bible Builds in two ways..

Option 1 - Primary

Churches take the entire Bible Builds schedule, reading plan, videos and more and use it as their primary curriculum thrust (showing the videos on Sunday morning class, using the questions for discussion, etc) and sometimes even doing group builds as the 'craft' for that day while also giving each kid a login to engage at home during the week.

Option 2 - Supplemental

Churches use their own curriculum for Sunday school, but use Bible Builds curriculum as supplemental. Usually by giving logins to each family in the kid's ministry as a way to build them up and offer a tool and resource for them at home during the week that enriches both the kid and the parents!

But you get to choose how you want to use Bible Builds and that's the good news!

The good news about Bible Builds is it can be adapted and shaped to best fit your ministry's needs--and there's many different ways to do that! We just want to come alongside you and make your job easier while providing high quality biblical based content for families and kids. And don't hesitate to reach out to us through the contact form if you have any questions!

Have Questions? We'd love to hear from you!

Checkout some of our current member's builds!

and see if you can guess which bible story they correlate to :)

Meet the Team!

Team Bethke

The Bethke family lives in Maui, HI with their three kids--Kinsley, Lucy, and Kannon. They are certified AFOL and KFOLS (and if you are on this page, you probably know what that means!).

Team Dixon

Team Dixon lives in Charlotte with their kids Ryland, Emmaline, and Hudson. They are passionate about Kingdom principles and encouraging families to live out their purpose in our culture.

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